Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Newsletter September/October

September/October, 2009 - Nairobi, Kenya

WE are back in Kenya after a wonderful month in the US seeing our family and participating in a Global Impact Celebration at Eastside Baptist Church, Stockbridge, GA. We cannot believe how quickly the time went by but we were so blessed to have had wonderful days with the babies and helping Timothy and Janet with some odd jobs in a new (older) home they moved into the night before we arrived. We tried to help them in many ways and also spent a lot of time outside with the children...they love outside and we enjoyed the swing on the patio and being with them as they played. They both seemed to not miss a beat with us and it felt as though we had always been there with them. Timothy’s new address is 2707 Scarsborough Dr., Richmond, VA 23235. So that will be our US address also for the time we are in Africa. We also had a week of seeing Danny’s mom while we were at the conference. We continue to praise the Lord for the good adjustment she has made in the assisted living apartment. They love her and take good care of her. We were able to reach her house the night of her 86th birthday. She is a real trooper and we admire her fortitude so much. God has blessed her in so many ways and she is very resilient. Jason came to Richmond for 5 days so it was wonderful to be with him and to have our family together. The children loved being with him and he was truly a great “Uncle Jace” to them.

We had busy weeks before we left for the states and a wonderful time getting to know more of our folks in Sub Sahara Africa. We spent 8 days traveling in one of our countries to see their work and to understand more about the needs of those who serve in areas which are challenging. Continue to PRAY for the needs of those who serve faithfully in learning difficult languages to be prepared to better share the Good News of Christ. Please PRAY for us as the next 2 months will be heavily involved in a lot of travel for Member Care training and also to participate in a prayer retreat and other meetings with some of personnel. PRAY for wisdom and discernment as we seek to minister to personal needs they might have.

Pastor Moses was finally released from the hospital and was back at church on Sunday. He was not up to preaching but he did extend deep gratefulness and thanksgiving for the sparing of His life. We regret we did not hear his testimony of the wonderful ways God ministered to him through several near death experiences. Julius also has returned to church and moving along adjusting to his life without his left arm. WE have been challenged and amazed at their wonderful faith and encouraging hearts as they proclaim their love for the Lord. Please continue to PRAY for both of these men as they have a long road of recovery ahead. PRAY Pastor’s arm will continue to heal with several skin grafts. PRAY for both men not to have infections.

October 13 was our 36th anniversary. Our celebration was slim...McDonald’s on the way to dentist, Chick-fil-A on the way to another dentist and McDonald’s on the way home from the dentist....I had an abscessed tooth, for which I got no relief, even though I went to two dentists that day. We had to leave next day for Kenya so I traveled with heavy pain meds and antibiotics. We arrived late Thursday night and I was at the dentist’s office here at 8:30 a.m. Friday to wait for some help. By 12:00 noon he worked me in and the tooth was pulled and relief began. Though our celebration was not great....we are so grateful for each other and for these years the Lord has blessed us in marriage.

James O. Fraser, missionary in China 1886-1938, said,

“Ah, we do not think what it means that our (China) brothers and sisters, so easily accessible, are perfectly able to understand the messages of God’s redeeming LOVE, and so greatly need it; but are being left in millions to perish.”

NOW is the time to begin thinking of the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for foreign missions and what amount God would have you give. IMB’s Treasurer, David Steverson, shared that the deficit in giving last year has really had a monumental effect on the opportunities to send more missionaries and also has hampered ministries on the field. None of this Offering goes toward administrative or promotional costs. The goal last year was $170 million and receipts were only $141 million. This is a huge hole in the monies for missions’ endeavors around the world. Many missionaries are approved and “in waiting” to carry the gospel to places around the world where the Gospel has not been shared. Many are called, gifted and ready but without sufficient funds they cannot be sent. The money simply is not there. We ask you to please consider this seriously. We are truly feeling the results of the lack of funds in our ministries here. PRAY about the amount you could give this year that others may go and that all may hear. May we ALL be faithful to the task God has given us.

We have requested prayer for rain for many months and God is blessing with great rains, as of the last week. Kenya is very dry and the need for water has become desperate. We praise Him for these blessed showers. PRAY that they will continue in a timely manner for the restoration of the land.

In closing, we wish that we could have seen many of you but our time was so limited on this trip. Also, we had hoped to make more phone calls but our time just melted away. But please know of our continued love and joy in having you partner together with us in what God has called us to do. We love getting your emails and your prayer requests. We want to be a part of your lives though 8,000 miles separate us.

We love you,

Danny and Claudia

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