Tuesday, September 1, 2009

August Newsletter - Nairobi, Kenya

August has been a very busy month and also a cold month. We are still enjoying the hot water bottle in bed to at least keep our feet warm. We are not freezing but we have been cold. I bought a Presto pressure cooker from someone returning to US and have made many pots of bean soup; which is so good on a cold night. I love it...but Danny is not quite so happy...ha. Beans are not his favorite...in fact, he just doesn’t eat them...so we also do some grilling. But several folks have enjoyed beans and rice at our table. Bean soup is also a great food to share with the guards who are on our compound at night. They love it. PRAY as I seek to encourage each of them in their walk of faith. Bobson who works all day on Sundays is excited about some Bible study materials I have shared with him. I enjoy seeing him study throughout the day.

Danny enjoyed returning to Uganda to be the speaker for the graduation ceremony of the Uganda Baptist Seminary. He really loves being with the student pastors and to be a part of the commitment of their lives to service in the Kingdom. And he also loves getting to go back to Uganda anytime. PRAY for the seminary’s training of pastors.

Our new role as Member Care for SubSahara Africa officially started August 1 but we began dealing with various needs in July. We ask you to PRAY that we might have wisdom and be encouragers to some of the greatest folks in the world.

Two AIM (African Inland Mission) pilots, Frank Toews and Ryan Williams, lost their lives as their small aircraft plummeted to the ground in Nairobi. PRAY for their wives, Tiffany and Dawn, and their children. Also PRAY for the AIM mission family as they adjust to this loss of two of their own team. Tragedies like this affect many who are family to each other as they serve 8,000 miles from their USA famillies.

Pastor Moses is still in the hospital and his arm has not been set yet because of infection. He has a couple of breaks but continues to have a lot of bleeding and they can not set it until he has no infection. He has been in a lot of pain and can’t lift the arm at all. Julius, whose arm was amputated at his shoulder, returned to Nairobi and was at church for the first time today. His testimony blessed and challenged our hearts and a song burst forth twice from his heart and lips as he shared his story. The crash of the taxi van was such a traumatic, frightening and painful ordeal. Our prayer is that he does not get an infection. Please continue to PRAY for both of them. Medical care is not as we know it in the US. They continue to be hopeful of healing and have such a precious faith in the Lord and a great trust in God’s care. The church has bonded more strongly during this time. They have really grieved for these two men and have been faithful in attendance. PRAY for Pastor Moses as he faces a tremendous hospital debt. He gets no salary because the congregation has such a few shillings to give but he continues to pastor and preach with his whole heart and loves the Word of God.

We are US bound to Richmond September 16 to spend a few days with the babies (and their parents...ha) before traveling to Atlanta on 21st to be a part of a Global Impact Conference, Wednesday-Sunday, the 23- 27th, at Eastside Baptist Church, Stockbridge, GA. We will be about 20 miles from Danny’s mom so this will give us an opportunity to also see her. We look forward to sharing about our ministry in Kenya, Uganda and beyond. We return to Richmond on 28th until Oct. 13 to be with them and Jason is planning a visit also. Then back to Kenya. PRAY for our stateside time.

The 9th month of the Islamic Calendar (August 22-September 20, 2009), is a holy month for Muslims all over the world. They are more spiritually open and are expected to fast from all food and drink during daylight hours. It is also a time for inner reflection, devotion to God and self control. Ramadan is the 3rd of 5 pillars of Islam. The sad part is that even with all their spiritual rituals and fasting no one knows whether their good works will weigh more than their bad deeds when God determines their eternal destiny. PRAY for many Muslims to learn the true love of God and the way He forgives their sin if they will trust in the Way, the Truth and the Life, JESUS CHRIST.

Insufficient rainy seasons have developed a broad, harsh drought in Kenya. People and animals are dying for lack of water and crops are being seriously affected. Food prices are soaring and though we are affected it is really critical for the poor. And there are millions of poor people living in Kenya. Electricity is being rationed. We are without power every other day for 12 hours a day and the price of electricity continues to increase. Yes, we can live with this but it does become frustrating when work needs to be done and computer batteries are low and other issues of living are curtailed. Water shortage is seriously critical and we do ask you to PRAY for much needed rains.

Elizabeth “Betty” Stam who served as a missionary from 1906-1934 in China made a wonderful statement, “Nobody can force a single soul....to turn to Christ. All that [we]....can do, is to lift up Christ before the world, bring Him into dingy corners and dark places of the earth where He is unknown, introduce Him to strangers, talk about Him to everybody, and live so closely with and in Him that others may see that there really is such a Person as Jesus.....” May we all be sensitive to live that closely with Him that others may see and come to know Him is our prayer for you and for us.

A very special Happy 86th birthday to Danny’s mom, Margie, on September 20.

With our love and prayers for you, Danny and Claudia

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Fran Keck said...

I will be enjoying your blog postings. Thank you for serving Christ in East Africa.

Fran Keck