Monday, August 30, 2010

August, 2010 – Nairobi, Kenya and Beyond

We are way behind with updates and appreciate many of you asking if we were okay or when would we be sending an update? WE are “very okay” (as the Kenyans would say)…and our work has taken on a greater focus of our time. We made several trips out of Kenya to check on our personnel and also trips for training in Dubai and Amman. Many folks come here for medical reasons and that gives us an opportunity to help them with some appointments and etc. and to have them in our home for a meal or desert. Our 5 years with the company have brought many “hellos” and a lot of “goodbyes.” We like the “hellos” most.” As we travel we never tire of seeing the work that is done by our folks and the commitment and sacrifice many make to share the good news of Jesus Christ.

On a frustrating note, I lost the hard drive (not even 2 years old) on my computer and though we tried so hard to recover the data and get a new hard drive here, we finally had to resort to sending it back by a friend to US for repairs. We waited 2 months for a volunteer coming this way to bring it back. It was not under warranty and I had not backed up my files (woe is me) so I basically lost all the data; except some Danny had saved a few years back. Also, the computer, KBC had let Danny have when we came to Uganda, died. It was nearly 8 years old and had served him well. His PC Tablet, which he had for several years, also gave up the ghost. So 3 computer issues were not fun and really hampered our work process.

We want to express our gratefulness for your giving to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. The receipts exceeded what was given in 2009, and for that we are grateful. However, the overall shortfall through past years has made the amount needed for immediate work to still be critical. The Offering is such a major part of funding the mission endeavors around the world. Many strategies, opportunities and appointing of new personnel have been put on hold. Many folks who have been approved for appointment and have sold their homes and businesses to go abroad have been put in a holding pattern because of the lack of funds. Therefore the work is hampered and new appointees are held in limbo. We need to understand and believe that 4.5 billion people are living without Christ and over 1 billion have never even heard of Christ. (I did not say million, but billion). You and I have a mandate to share Christ with them that all may have the opportunity to hear.

As you begin to think of Christmas and the gifts you will bestow on those you love, remember the One Whose birthday we celebrate and let’s give our biggest gift to Him that His love may be shared with those dying who have never heard of the Hope of Christ for them. Please PRAY about what you and your family could give this year to enhance the sharing of the Gospel around the world.

The VBS at Danny’s first pastorate, Progress BC, in the McComb, MS, sent us their offering and we have used some of it for the care of some precious needy children ages 4-8 at the small Kenyan church, Rungiri BC, where we attend. Some adults at Rungiri are burdened for some very needy children nearby and some of this money has provided food, clothes and school supplies. One Saturday a month the children come together to play games, receive love, food and learn Bible stories and songs. Many more have the same needs but these 6 the adults felt led to minister to first. PRAY for the children with too many needs to describe. Below are bits of the story, shared by a fellow worker, Blake Welch, of another child we have come to know and help. Mwangi’s short life is so sad but through several months of love and care, his life is being changed week by week by the love of Christ.

Mwangi (mwon-ghee) is a young boy who has developmental disabilities and barely looks more than 7 or 8 years old, although he is 13. Due to no one caring for him or showing him any affection his disabilities progressed quickly. Mwangi's mother tried to poison him when he was younger, abandoned him and no other family member wanted him. He was often left alone outside in pouring rain and was so hungry he ate his own waste. His mother died and his neighbors, David and Mama Serah, took him in, with nine children of their own. Mwangi has been suffering from a condition called "pallegra" that causes a severe skin rash and comes from malnutrition. These past months, the Lord has blessed us with the means to help him and the Lord continues to heal him. As part of his disabilities, Mwangi doesn't talk but just recently, I heard him speak for the first time when he mimicked words Mama Serah was speaking.
Stories like Mwangi’s are multiplied by thousands….homeless children; beaten, lost, sick, living on the streets, eating out of garbage dumps, no knowledge of love and too few people who care. PRAY that Blake and others will know ways we can reach out in the name of Christ to share Christ’s love with these children.

September 20 will be a special day for Danny’s mother, Margie, as she celebrates her 87th birthday. In February she fell and broke her pelvis in 2 places. Her recovery was a painful journey but God gave healing, stamina and many encouragers and she is doing well. She just made a trip to Myrtle Beach to see Charles’ family and seems to have handled the trip well. HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY…..MOM!

I won’t try to write everything that has been going on…but continue to PRAY for our work in the Horn of Africa with our personnel and various issues of life they encounter. PRAY also for visas to be issued into one of our countries where we really need to go and have not been successful over a period of months to get visas.

We love hearing from you and wait for the day our paths will cross with many of you. Thank you for your love, prayers, gifts and encouragement. We love you,

Danny and Claudia
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