Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Trip to Uganda Baptist Seminary

Tim Tidenberg, the Cluster Strategy Leader for all Equatorial Africa, asked me to represent him and accompany three men from the United States to Uganda. What a great joy to return to the beginning place of our missionary service and renew ties with my Ugandan friends. How blessed I am! These are great men and women who have a vision for planting churches as they share their personal testimony and lead people to Jesus. I am always challenged by their commitment and devotion to our Father and the work of His kingdom.

When I visited the Uganda Baptist Seminary back in March and now again in May, I saw young men sleeping on the floor in classrooms because the dormitory is full. That's how committed they are to getting a theological education. They need another dormitory! Pray with me that this will be approved and pray for our students at the seminary. Today, we have an open door for preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ... tomorrow???? Now is the time to train these willing men and women.

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